Louise Goult

Louise is a textile artist inspired by people and their relationships with each other and the world around them; exploring memories and creating snapshots of time. She creates work with narrative, using materials to further convey the story behind the work. For that reason Louise often uses non traditional embroidery materials including paper, metal and balsa wood to embroider on to. Louise often uses preloved materials in her work, leading her to consider who used them before she did and for what purpose; these musings often inform the final artwork with the stories of the previous owners (factual or fictitious) woven through the work. Natural dyes are often used, creating a link between the artwork and the place the work refers to. 
Louise is available to work to commission. She also teaches a wide range of workshops and classes from her studio in Saltburn and is happy to travel to groups to offer workshops and artist talks.
You can email her on louisegoulttextiles@gmail.com 

her website is





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