Sarah Wilson
I am an artist, craftsperson
and enthusiastic dancer of Gabrielle Roth’s 5Rhythms.
I live in a tiny cottage in Staithes with my two dogs.  
In Winter, tides permitting, I am on the beach collecting driftwood, then drying it, sorting it and boxing it up in my attic to see me through the year.
I also travel around Wales where I lived for many years and Scotland. Wherever I am, I love collecting natural and junk treasures, and transforming them into balanced and harmonious artefacts.
Using natural resources and reusing manmade materials means there are fewer things to throw into that mythical hole in the ground. It helps to reduce our carbon footprints and ecological impact. I love the element of chance and serendipity which is involved when materials are found not bought. It is amazing how often I find just what I need just when I need it.
I especially like making beautiful bespoke objects which have a special meaning for the people involved.
I would love to hear from you if you have an idea
which you would like me to call into being for you.

o E:  
o      T: 01947 841108