Lucy Wilson


   Lucy has been working as an artist for over 20 years. She is self-trained.

She lives and works in Staithes, a picturesque fishing village in North Yorkshire  which provides the inspiration for much of her work.


   Lucy paints on wood, canvas, and paper often creating composite views of Staithes, reflecting the structure of the village. Many of the houses in Staithes display her work as house name signs.


   She also paints on pebbles which she collects from the beach. Quirky and unique, these range in size from 3 - 40 cm. Ranging from the super real to the fantastical, subjects include sea-scapes and roof-scapes, birds and fish, animals and people. Whether in use as paperweights and door stops, carried around in pockets as touch-stones, or simply dotted around the house, these glowing pebbles will bring love and laughter into your home.


   Over recent years Lucy has been developing “Story Stones” ~ complex artworks depicting stories which she and her children write.  Using textured rocks instead of smooth pebbles Lucy wraps a series of images all around the surface, creating a detailed 3D artwork.  These magical pieces make excellent gifts for anyone with fond memories of time by the sea.


  • (Preferred )  tel 01947 840900